Improving Asset Efficiency

Supply Chain: Optimize Transport And Distribution Channels

P&G ships most of its products on a dedicated fleet to 18 distributor locations. All trucks return to Karachi empty which results in empty miles traveled. 

This is a financial liability and an environmental burden.

The Challenge

  • Understanding how to assess partners to develop strong and efficient relationships based on quality of service and competitive pricing
  • Mapping compatibility on operational timing and conduct successful trials
  • Track shared carriers in real time with estimated ETA’s for efficient use of resources

The Solution

  • The suggested solution must be cost effective
  • The suggested solution must take into consideration the environmental impact i.e. reducing carbon emissions
  • The suggested solution must provide real-time visibility for effective planning and management

Judging Criteria

  • The quality and ease-of-use of your digitized solution
  • The quality of execution

Additional Requirements

  • Solution must not be used by any direct competitors