First Party Consumer Personal & Anonymous Data Acquisition For P&G

Analytics & Insights: First-Party Consumer Data Acquisition

Digital media is the next frontier and P&G needs to be at the forefront of this new world. Hence, leveraging first party consumer personal data is key to developing a modern and relevant digital marketing strategy.

The objective is to create a sustainable first party consumer database in the most cost-efficient way, allowing consumers to peruse purchase, interest attributes, and demographic attributes. 

This data will be used to improve digital media target accuracy as well as trial, better consumer understanding and email communications. 

The objective is not to develop a Data Management Platform (DMP)/Demand Site Platform system since P&G has its own DMP, DSP and Consumer Database. 

Instead, the objective is to develop business models/partnerships/ideas for more consumer data acquisition with rich attributes.

The Challenge

  • Acquiring data with rich attributes that are relevant to P&G Brands and Communications. E.g. mothers, females with a specific hair concern, high income consumers etc.
  • Creating a cost-effective and sustainable solution to acquire the relevant data mentioned above

The Solution

The solution should:

  • Launch target-based marketing across brands to improve media efficiency and sales for the communicated products. As an addition to awareness campaigns, this can be executed by trialing very targeted and specific audiences
  • Involve running consumer research/surveys on the database for quick and cheap iterations
  • Leverage consumer data for running trials

Eligibility Criteria

  • Number of consumer IDs with at least one relevant attribute to P&G brands
  • Cost of data acquisition
  • Richness of the data (i.e. no. of relevant attributes)

Additional requirements

  • Personal data, including phone numbers or email addresses, is the priority data set; however, relevant anonymous data can be also considered
  • Data should be collected inline with data privacy guidelines. Consumer permission should be taken to use data for marketing purposes
  • The objective is to develop business models/partnerships/ideas for more consumer data acquisition with rich attributes
  • Samples of data attributes e.g. :
    • Mothers Data – Baby’s age, Relationship to baby, Respondents phone number
    • Affluent Customer Data – Monthly Income
    • Shampoo Relevant Data – Brand Used, Key Benefit Sought
    • Hair Removal Relevant Data – Gender, Age, Hair Removal Technique