Fueling Digital Trials

Brands: Use Digital Tools To Drive Trials

One of P&Gs key strengths is product superiority across the categories we operate in. Hence, generating consumer trials of our products is a key business driver. 

Historically, P&G executed large scale BTL activations (such as door-to-door programs, home gatherings, school programs etc.) to accelerate trial generation. However, as the market landscape has evolved, we have seen digital penetration (with mobile phone particularly) grow exponentially, leading to an opportunity to drive trial and education from a digital platform.

The Challenge

  • To increase brand trials across different categories by ~5-10%
  • To drive efficient and cost effective trial generation

The Solution

The solution can include, but shouldn’t be restricted to, elements such as:

  • Directing consumers to buy from e-commerce platforms
  • Registering for and receiving samples
  • Participating chance-based raffles to win exciting prizes if they buy and try products etc.

The idea should be unique, relevant & scalable. It is alright not to have a full solution ready. If selected, P&G will run agile pilots to refine your solution with the end goal of scaling it up across markets.

Judging Criteria

  • How you can increase the trial percentage within the target group by ~5-10%
  • Cost efficiency and ease of scalability per trial and across national channels