Digitization Of Retailer Loyalty Program

Sales: Digitization Of P&Gs Retailer Loyalty Program

P&G has one of the best retailer loyalty programs for wholesalers in Pakistan – a key enabler for steady growth over the last 2 years. However, tracking their performance is a problem.

Currently, the program is deployed, executed, and tracked by our sellers. And while sellers effectively track retailer performances and rewards in their sales calls, these sales calls are limited to 1-2 times a week.

As a result, the loyalty program and its associated rewards are often ignored or overlooked by retailers. P&G is looking for solutions to digitize the process of tracking the program using its app.

This will allow P&G to engage the retailer daily using in-app notifications and messages. Furthermore, this will also permit retailers to track their own progress automatically. Going forward, we also want to be able to communicate live promotions and rewards directly, using the app.

The Challenge

  • How to directly engage with retailers in real time
  • How to deploy any changes to promotion plan or reward criteria nationally at the same time
  • How to gauge the effectiveness of the loyalty plans for retailers in real time

The Solution

The solution should:

  • Enable the retailer to track his progress
  • Enable P&G to nationally engage with all retailers at the same time
  • Enable P&G to monitor and track results of the loyalty programs via a dashboard

The selected solution will get help from P&G to run pilots to help refine the solution with a possibility to scale it across different markets.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Ease of access for the retailer
  • Low cost and scalable
  • Real time monitoring

Additional Requirements

  • Solution cannot leverage any existing marketing software
  • Solution must be customizable to P&G
  • Solution must be end to end encrypted to ensure data privacy